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vstream2kit[1]VStream2 Media Center comes with a built in 2mp camera, perfect for Skype!The new VStream2 remote now comes with a custom built-in microphone so video chatting is simple and fun!

Other amazing features included in this are a remote control with built in microphone, custom full size wireless keyboard which makes searching for content and surfing the internet easy. Custom wireless mouse for making navigating your VStream2 Media Center easy and surfing the internet a breeze.

remote[1]Each VStream2 Media Center will include standard AV cables and an HDMI cable to allow easy connection regardless of the age of your television. Also, the VStream2 Media Center will come in it’s own custom gift box packaging. Perfect for retail sales or gifts! Every VStream2 Media Center will come preloaded with custom exclusive Hawkeye software. This new software even comes complete with a gaming section!